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Amsterdam impressions- bicycles everywhere!

September 26, 2012

Amsterdam impressions- bicycles everywhere, parked everywhere, not the racing kind,  but the old fashioned kind with upright handlebars, none look newer than 1990- took hour long canal ride. Considering my time constraints, it was a good way to see the city. The Van Gogh museum is closed because it is being merged with the Hermitage, and both are closed until Sept 29. Had to make do with a reproduction exhibit, which was okay. Met a woman from Australia who was traveling with her quite elderly father; they are leaving on a cruise down the Rhine on a fabulous boat called the Amadeus Princess. Sounds like something really fun to do. Currently stuck on train because a switch is  broken, oh well. Wish the train had wifi.

The Yotel at the airport is so perfect rent by the hour!  Narrow rabbit warrens with 60 7×7 rooms, complete with shower and wifi. Even loaned me a hair dryer and alarm clock. Love being inside the airport. All I want to do is get back to the airport, go through customs, take a shower, set the alarm for 5 and go to sleep!  My flight to Madrid leaves at 7:20 am. And here I sit in a train waiting for a fix!

I did get back to the Yotel and was asleep by 5 pm. I awoke to my clock saying 7:10, and after an initial “Jesus!” I sprang up and was dressed and out the door in under one minute. I dumped the hair dryer at the front desk as I ran by yelling that my alarm didnt go off. My plane had already  boarded and I didnt  know the gate. I sprinted down the escalator, ran around a stroller and then saw the Airport Information desk. I did a hard stop reminiscent of the old Road Runner and literally threw my boarding pass at the woman while trying to put together some coherent words. She looked at my pass and said, Miss, calm down, you don’t board until tomorrow morning.” I kept talking over her and she raised her voice and said, “today is September 26 and you don’t fly out until September 27.” That I heard. I had only slept two hours, not 12, it was 7 PM, not AM!  I sheepishly apologized and went back to the Yotel. The woman at the front desk  asked if I still needed the hair dryer. I did! But kudos to me for having eveything ready to go – in case of fire or missing a flight, I was ready!

  1. Vicky L White permalink


    What an amazing adventure! Did you take your phone with you? If so, then use it’s alarm!

    Now, I want to bike riding there!

    Vicky White, ACC 206-972-1130 cell 206-772-1130 office

  2. Becky permalink

    Too funny! I can just see you running though that airport. Hope the rest of the trip is smooth.

  3. Mary Ellen permalink

    Love this! what a great Jet Lag story – it truly IS an altered state of conciousness!

  4. Elizabeth McCarty permalink

    I loved the bicycle “parking lots” they have there! Have fun!!

  5. Cheryl permalink

    Oh, Cathy!! That is wonderful, that is something I would done. That is why I am laughing so hard!! lol!!

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