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Churches, plazas, and the Prado Museum in Madrid – yes!

September 27, 2012

The most perfect day! LaWana was waiting for me when I got into Madrid this morning. She had flown straight from Altanta.  We rode the city bus to our hotel, which turned out to be a superb  place to stay. When so many decisions are done online, you never know exactly what you will find, but the Hotel Europa is smack in the middle of a vibrant area and within walking distance to the Prada Museum. We spent several hours with many Rubens ( he loved voluptuous women!), a room full of Goyas, a Rembrandt, two rooms, of Velasquezes…  and many more. Then we took the circuitous route to the Plaza Mayor, with its shops and many milling people, statues, and even a stretch of actual locks upon which lovers have written their names and have thrown away the keys. My feet are not happy so I bought wine and put them on ice. Cannot let anything happen to them after all I have done to ready them for the race!

We leave for Lisbon tomorrow morning, and will attend the expo tomorrow afternoon. I will get my race number!!!!

Drank too much wine to continue this!

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