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Picking up my race number at the Lisbon Expo

September 28, 2012


I got choked up when I saw the expo sign. Can’t believe I am here! The expo was quiet and there are not a lot of vendors, but that was fine. I bought a shirt and hat, although they didn’ have visors, which I wear. Thank goodness a smart girlfriend suggested I bring my “go-to visor” just in case. There are 6000 people doing the half and 12000 doing a mini, think that is a 5k. How they can clear the streets in three hours I don’t know, but I won’t be in the back so I don’t care. I am a “senior female”,, but I will be wearing my sash declaring just that!,I hope I can keep it togetherr when I get on that bridge, but I am not betting :)))

One Comment
  1. Dreams come true, dear friend – you are going to run across the longest bridge on your 60th birthday. I stand in awe of your power and passion!

    Love to you!
    Mary Ellen
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