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Leave for Paris in 5 hours

October 3, 2012

And that means this will be short so I can sleep a bit. I hope to get caught up on this on the plane. I have had shoe envy since I got to Lisbon, and today I bought three pairs. This place is amazing for shoes. The driver who took me to the race told me that Lisbon is known for its shoes. Designs that never make it to Seattle. Seriously. Women of all ages and backgrounds wear the cutest slippers, the most ingenious heels, and the boots are to die for! I will post pictures, I even did a video because unless you see… The surprise to me was that I bought three pairs, and would have bought more if I had any room. You turn into a crazy shoe person in this place, even if you, like me, hate shopping for them. If you like shopping for shoes, you would never come home!

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  1. Donna Stephens permalink

    It is such a joy to hear about your awesome trip! Keep soaking it up!

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