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Eiffel Tower

October 4, 2012

8 pm. I am sitting in a sidewalk cafe drinking a very excellent glass of white wine and eating peanuts. An old man just walked by with a loaf of bread sticking out of his bag, with the top missing the chunk he is chewing on. Anyway, my first thought when I saw the Eiffel was “the Space Needle has nothing on this.” Going to the top did give me a few moments of OMG, this is really far up, but my will to see the top overcame any more of those thoughts. I planned on being there at sunset, and I was. To see all of Paris laid out like a puzzle ( let’s see, we can put the Arc de Triomphe there, make sure the buildings have the same color of plaster and are all the same height, stick that cemetery there and squeeze another one in over that direction and oh, yes, those Tuilieres gardens, let’s put a couple of museums in the corner of the gardens, and don’t forget the anchor for them all, the Seine, have to stock it with all manner of cruising boats.
It is the most spectacular view, and I recommend it. Most of all I was jealous of the runners who use the area for their nightly jogging course. Imagine saying, “Hey, meet me in front of the Eiffel and we can do a training run.”

Met a lovely retired couple who told me to see the L’Oranges museum tomorrow, it is a Monet mecca not many people know about. So I have planned to see that museum, the d’Orsay museum, and a cemetery I spotted from the Eiffel.  Took a pic so I can find it tomorrow. Now I have to find the hotel after a very strong glass of wine ;)))

  1. Oh my dear I am right there with you – and I know the feeling of trying to find the hotel with a belly full of wine. :+)
    I trust you safely found your way.

    And I am SO envious of your date with Monet tomorrow!

    Love to you,
    Mary Ellen
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    • My friend, now I know why you love Paris. It is a city that has a vibration I have never felt before. I only had about 36 hours but I have made the most of them. My hotel is close to a street called Rue. Cler, and tonight I walked there and bought my dinner, including creme brulee. I have never seen so many pastries and skinny people, but I think the sugar is differwnt than ours. Today I did see the L’Orangerie, a cemetery, the Rodin Museum, and spent 150 E on a purse and boots. Tonight I will walk down the street to another cafe and have a glass of wine on my last night in this city.Let’s get together when I get home, especially if you can’t. Come to my party :)))

  2. Hi Cathy! It’s me, sarah from Puget Power days! Mary Ellen told me about your BIG adventure and sent me your blog link… Firstly CONGRATS bigtime on ditching the LiTTLE c and bigtime again for doing a marathon on your BD!! In Paris! Oooooohlala! You rock. Keep up the great living, sista…. Gotta go look to see what else you are enjoying there in franceland… Never hear of L’Oranges… Must look that up too! Take good care of your bad self…. sarah

  3. Sarah! Nice to hear from you! Thank you so much for your well wishes. I went today and I cannot remember exactly the name of the L’orange, but it did have Rodin’s “The Kiss” in front. Then I went to the Rodin Museum and saw the plaster original. Take care, and love to see you again!

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