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My last day in Paris

October 5, 2012

I am sitting in another cafe sipping a glass of wine,  the street is lively and lit in the dark by headlights, streetlamps, and lights from the many restaurants. I am packed and ready to leave at 6:30am for the metro to the airport. Bought two pastries to eat for breakfast, may have to go without coffee. This afternoon I stopped a couple carrying coffee cups and asked where they got them. They pointed to a cafe a block away, and I scurried there. I asked for coffee and the man asked me ” black or white?” I said white and he responded, “Of course.” Now I don’t know if that means Americans take white (meaning with milk) or that was the English he knew, but it was a funny response. I actually followed a woman carrying a Starbucks cup, thinking to ask her where the SB was, but she walked so fast in her heels that I lost her.

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