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Another Half Marathon Adventure

May 5, 2013

I have been remiss with regularly posting, and today is as good a day to pick it back up! My half marathon adventure continued with finishing the Tacoma City Half Marathon today.

There was a new course that ran along the waterfront for over half of the 13.1 miles. That stretch happens to be my most favorite place to train when I am by myself. The sun was an unusual element this year – it was 70 degrees pretty darn early, and I had only a small tube of sunblock. Today I also tried new things – a smaller camelback for water support and new tempo music to see if my time could be better if I had a consistent beat. You are never supposed to try new things at a race. The stories abound about people who buy new shoes and use them for the first time at a race – and their feet erupt in blisters and worse.

But this was my 18th half in the last five years, and I know how to manage my race. I know there will come a point when I wonder what the hell I am doing, when it seems like everyone passes me, especially women I think are in my age group. I know there will be many moments when some part of my body is not happy – today it was my right shin for the first three miles, then my lower back took its turn to complain, and the soles of my feet got very warm. I couldn’t breathe deeply for a time, I think because of the heat. I know my face will flood with tears about mile 9, when I wonder if I can finish another one.

But then mile 10 comes up and I know I will finish. I have done what I call the ‘meat’ of the race, miles 4-10, and now it is only a 5k – 3.1 miles until the finish. I have managed another half marathon. My face is white from sunblock, my camelback ensured I never got dehydrated, and although my tempo music needs tweaking, I was able to run really hard the last tenth of a mile. Being cheered on by my friends is not to be taken lightly – it is a soul-lifting feeling to hear them at the finish line.

There were 12 women in my age group, and I finished 9th. Not great, but as I tell myself when those inevitable self-disparaging moments come into my brain, at least I am doing it. I gain new experiences, lovely medals, and my body is still with me.

My half marathon adventure continues at the Portland Rock and Roll in two weeks.

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  1. Cath, I’m so impressed with your spirit and drive to do this! I wish I had your dedication when it comes to finishing our kitchen … we’ve hit a wall and need to get back in the race!

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