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Portland Half Marathon – What kind of Adventure will it be?

May 18, 2013

It has been two weeks since I did the Tacoma City Half Marathon. It took my body a couple of days to recover (thank goodness I attend a Yoga for Runners class that emphasizes strength and stretching) but no damage. So you would think I would at least do a small run of some sort before the next 13.1 mile gig … but no, I never even put on my shoes! I did yoga and Pilates sessions a couple of times, did a couple of 3-mile walks, but that was it. What got in the way? Well, I can always point to work, the weather … just the stuff of day-to-day living. But if you have excuses you don’t move forward. So I admit I just didn’t feel like putting on my shoes and going for even a short training run. It was too much trouble! The secret? My body knows how to do a half marathon. This is number 19. I packed my camelback, my tempo music that I tweaked after my last race, and sunscreen. I will be okay. But I am thinking of doing four more halfs before the year is out, and if so, I need to put in more training time. Can only rest on my laurels for so long.

This is a Rock and Roll event – about 25,000 participants – and I get to go with my girlfriends! We signed up in January. Thirteen of us are going, including two who can’t race right now – one broke her little toe last week. But our community is important to this special group of women and we all have been looking forward to the time together. I will do my best, bring home another medal, and enjoy my community of girlfriends and the larger racing community.

But last night I was looking at doing the Great Wall of China Half Marathon – and I will do some serious training if I decide to do that one!

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