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Honoring my dad in my next race

May 27, 2013

There are some blessings to doing a run alone and this morning gave me a new one. My family is making plans for a celebration of his life in March, but I was feeling that was two months away, and I wanted to do something sooner. But I didn’t know what that looked like.

This morning had a brilliant blue sky with sun that didn’t mask the 30 degrees of crisp cold that greeted my girlfriends as we gathered to do our weekly run. I knew I would have to run alone because I was sticking to my race plan for next Sunday, which made me slower than the group. 

As I focused on my feet, my breathing, my alignment, and my energy, my mind drifted to my dad and the March celebration, deciding on my contribution, how much fun it would be. And then it hit me – I wanted to honor him with my race on Sunday! I could wear his picture on my race belt! Got some ideas from my girlfriends on how to set up the picture, came home, created it, and laminated it. 

The funny part is he never ever had any desire to do a race and wasn’t quite sure what to make of my doing them, since it was so far out of his comfort and knowledge zones. But he is coming with me in spirit next Sunday at the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Phoenix, and I think he would like that 🙂

  1. marie lajoie koch permalink

    I think dedicating the race to your dad is awesome. He will be watching and maybe you will have extra wings on your shoes.

    I know the emptiness that the loss of a dad brings. I have read your journal and felt such empathy for you. I meant to write earlier, but sometimes words aren’t enough. Time brings back memories when you least expect them. Our dads are such a part of us even though we would have liked to have had a better/closer relationship with them.

    Good Luck on the race

    Love, Marie LaJoie Koch

    • Marie, thank you so much for your kind words. It warms my heart to know we are still connected as cousins!

  2. My dear Cathy, run strong, run fast, run with a full heart!

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