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Adventure with Sir Paul

July 21, 2013

The year I was 14, I lived with my father in his apartment. Even though I had to sleep on the couch, it seemed like heaven because I had peace and quiet from the chaos and noise created by my six younger siblings. That year I discovered the Playboys my father kept in his bottom right desk drawer, made him mad when I used his razor to shave my legs, got mononucleosis, drank Mountain Dew by the case … and went crazy over the Beatles.

January 1967. I was alone in Dad’s apartment, Mountain Dew at hand, and I watched the Beatles at Shea Stadium. I had no idea, nor did I care, this was the concert they had performed in 1965. I screamed and I cried and I jumped up and down on the couch and I even pounded my fists on the wall. That’s what you did when you were a teenage girl and the Beatles, especially Paul, were… perfection.

paul concert

So four months ago when the announcement came that Paul McCartney was going to play Safeco Field I jumped on getting tickets. My girlfriend Mary Ellen and I paid a good bit for seats 25 rows from the stage, dead center. It was a concert I will always remember for its … perfection.  

Twenty five rows back from Paul!

 This was Safeco’s first ever concert, which Paul commented on, and as a concert venue it was superb.

Paul McCartney is in the house!

The audience demographics were across the ages. Directly behind us were two twenty-something ladies with great lungs. Around us were a 16 year old bored-looking daughter flanked by her middle aged parents who knew all the words, a stunning 79-year old woman celebrating her birthday with  her daughters, and a cute 30ish young man next to me. The concert started late, but watching people was so interesting it didn’t matter. One lovely young woman’s back was covered in a colorful tattoo celebrating the Beatles.

Girl with Beatles tattoo

For three very full hours, we (all 45,000) stood and sang and clapped and screamed and danced as Paul played songs that spanned his long career. He changed guitars seemingly after every song.

He played the piano. His voice sounded a bit weathered by age but still strong, vibrant, and definitely Paul McCartney. Day Tripper took me back to my teenage behavior at my dad’s apartment. Eleanor Rigby made me cry, just like it did when I was 15 and lonely. Let It Be  brought back my boyfriend and the Boones Farm wine we liberally drank as we debated the Vietnam War. Yesterday revived feelings about my own yesterdays.

He shared anecdotes about Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, John Lennon and George Harrison. He played George’s Something with the ukelele. He pounded with Back in the USSR. Marijuana was passed and I even took a toke on the pipe – the last time I did that was 1979. Did I get a buzz? Well, if not from the weed, certainly from the concert!

The first encore had Paul introducing something just for “Seattle” – and some guy with a lot of hair named Dave came out and they hugged. The young ladies in back of us went nuts. Then Paul introduced another guy and I thought the ladies were going to pass out from screaming. I asked Mary Ellen if she knew who these guys were and she said no. I turned to the 30ish guy next to me and he said, “Nirvana.” I asked him if this was a big deal and he was very nice as he replied that yes, it was a “big f***ing deal.” So now we knew why the cacophony not only from behind us, but all around the stadium, and we celebrated along with everyone else.

Another reason I loved this concert: Paul rocked with Nirvana like he was 20 years old. It was so cool. Dave Grohl (I found his last name) looked and played like he was in Nirvana with Paul McCartney. (Warning, this video is my own and looks like it!)

 I agree with the reviews that have said this was as close to perfection as a concert could be.  Safeco Field management did themselves proud. It was pretty cool we needed a special wristband to get to our seats and the wine in the portable glasses was pretty neat, too. Security was prevalent but not oppressive. Come to think of it, maybe that is why we needed the wristbands.

Paul McCartney put on a classy and classic show that befit this 71 year old legend whose music has not only spanned but been etched across my life. I would have paid more.

Paul McCartney Safeco Field July 19, 2013

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  1. I’m glad you made the investment and had a great time! (I wouldn’t have know it was Nirvana, either … but Eric immediately named all the band members!)

  2. So awesome. Great shared memories. Wish I could have been there with you. Smoke and all…LOL!

  3. Sue Hoppe permalink

    Thanks Cathy for sharing the memories! Yours reminded me of a few of my own that I hadn’t thought about for a really long time.

    I too, was a Paul fan – the rest of the group was just supporting characters 🙂

  4. Cheryl permalink

    Thanks for sharing this Cathy!! I loved reading every minute of it!! I wish I could have been there!

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