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Adventure in Dating – the car show guys

August 28, 2013

Meeting someone who lights up your heart and your life is difficult enough, but when you are in your sixth decade it seems to be darned near mission impossible. Or, as I try to remember, it is a challenge with opportunity!

When I was younger, men populated my life. They were everywhere – at work, at play, just plain everywhere. It never occurred to me that it had something to do with being young. When I became single in my fifties I discovered the men were gone – they got married, they got old, they died – or they went to car shows.

Car show guys buy old cars, fix old cars, wish they had old cars, talk old cars, and go to car shows where they sit around all day and talk with their buddies about old cars.  There is a diner I frequent weekly that holds car club meetings. I think you have to be an old guy to be a member. I have listened to them. Old cars sum up their lives.

8-25-2013 7-45-26 PMBut since I am trying to keep my mind open, last week I did consent to go on a day trip to Mt. St. Helens in a 1937 Mercury. The invitation came from an old guy who belongs to the car club at the diner.

That morning I pulled up to the diner expecting to see the ’37 Mercury, but what I saw was his 1964 Chevelle convertible. (I think he said ’64; it was one of those early 60’s years.) Turns out he decided to make the three hour drive to Mt. St. Helens in the Chevy instead of the Mercury. The Mercury had overheated at the car show the day before and he wasn’t sure about its roadworthiness.

This Chevelle was not showroom ready, but more like the second car you drive on errands to save the miles on your really cool car. I got in and realized the seat belts were the old-style lap belts. The air conditioner was the air vent combined with the frozen open wing window. Bench seats – I remember loving those back in 1967! But now? Please, I need my own butt-curvy seat!8-25-2013 7-24-30 PM

He drove with his left foot on the brake and his right foot on the gas pedal. The lap belt restrained me when he kept hitting the brake and my chest popped forward. The car smelled of smoky old leather that hadn’t been oiled in decades. I almost asked if he had towing insurance, but then remembered that I do.

The old convertible top contributed to the noise in, around, and through, so I could only hear him when he turned to talk to me. I kept discouraging that behavior, but to no avail. The topic was the car – where he found it, how he found it, how much it cost to have an automatic convertible top instead of a manual one, why the chrome wasn’t original, the engine stats … well, you get the idea. When he had exhausted the Chevelle, I heard all about the Mercury and its engine and windows and then about the other two cars he has – I don’t remember anything about them.  Three hours down to the mountain, three hours back …

As soon as we got to the Mt. St. Helens Visitors Center I found a restroom and texted my girlfriends, “Help me, help me, I am trapped in a ’64 Chevelle!” They replied they could call me and request that I come home for an emergency. I thought about it.

I enjoyed seeing Mt. St. Helens, but this adventure reminded me to put on my online profile that I don’t do old cars or car shows.  Old cars can be fun but I don’t think I want the old guys that go along with them!

But the bench seats brought back some great memories 🙂

  1. You definitely don’t want those car show guys! Aren’t there any guys who RUN?? And I hate to break it to you … but we are in our SEVENTH decade. Oops … maybe I shouldn’t admit that? 🙂

    • I knew it was the seventh decade, D’Arce, but most people don’t know that detail and would think I am 70, and I would just as soon think sixth is enough for right now! No, there aren’t any guys who run, believe me, I look!

  2. Bev permalink

    Googled old guys and car shows and your blog was one of the hits that came up. My husband has a classic car. He loves to go to all the car shows and hang out with his car club buddies. October is the end of the season and I’ve just about had it. He leaves first thing in the morning and comes back late afternoon or near dark. If I didn’t know better I would say he’s having an affair LOL I refuse to go with him. After a half hour at a show and I’m ready to leave. Spending 8 hours sitting in a hot parking lot, talking to the same people about the same things is not my idea of fun! Car shows are his stress reducer but it’s adding to mine : (

    • Oh, you are funny! You remind me of why I amnot going to get involved witha car show guy 🙂 Have a good day!

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