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Adventure with Half Marathon #26… First of 2014 – what was I thinking?

January 26, 2014

My alarm went off at 5:15 Saturday morning, and I lay there thinking, “Why am I getting up at this unseemly hour to pick up two girlfriends so we can drive 20 miles to do a half marathon in the cold and the dark? What is the matter with me?!”  

Good question as I continue my quest to complete 12 of these things in 365 days so I can become a Saturn Half Fanatic. I do not know what drives me to accomplish something very few people know about or, if you wait long enough for me to explain, even care about! It is not like this is a Seattle Seahawks kind of thing, winning the NFC championship and going to the 48th Superbowl (GO HAWKS!)seattle_seahawks_nfc_champions_banner_77285sma

It is just a thing I am doing. I have completed nine Halfs so I need three more by May 4. I had planned on doing only a few in 2014 but somehow that has ballooned to nine. I do not know how that happened. Boeing gave me a free entry to the Air Force Half in Ohio in September which is the week after the one in Salt Lake City, and the Halfs just kept on coming!

I even decided to go to Zimbabwe, Africa, next June and do a half marathon at Victoria Falls, where my parents honeymooned. I think I am a bit nuts. One of the questions on the Half Fanatics site is “Do you plan your vacations around half marathons?” Yep!

The Tukwila to Alki Half Marathon was my first Half of 2014. The course was pretty interesting as it took us through industrial areas and a sketchy neighborhood or two, but it was marked really well and all three of us enjoyed it. I knew I needed water when I mistook two Asian ladies sitting on a bus bench wearing pointed bamboo hats for a water stop. A couple of other girlfriends met us at mile 8 and ran with us along Alki beach to the finish. Weather was that perfect blue-and-sun Seattle day. The medal was the best part – it was a sparkly popsicle stick decorated by 5th graders that said ‘13.1 Alki.’ Lovely!

Next is Palm Springs!

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