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Adventure with the Seahawks

February 1, 2014

My auto guy asked if I was going to watch the game Sunday. I was so astonished at his question I responded with “Why would you ask me that? Of course I am going to watch the Superbowl on Sunday! I live in Seattle!” He then said that he had had several customers, who, when asked, said they weren’t into football and wouldn’t watch the game. I was intrigued by that – not watch? Are they nuts? Why would you want to miss the universal excitement, fever, obsession – whatever you want to call it – of a city coming together to have fun?

This Superbowl game is not about football. This game is about the city of Seattle and the Northwest community experiencing an excitement that transcends all of our daily grinds. The 12th Man is for real, and we are demonstrating that in droves. Who else can paint a 12th Man airplane … planeand fly a 12th Man grid across the sky? Only us!

better grid

boeing bldg

It is wall-to-wall Seahawks on local TV as the newscasters are actually giddy. I have girlfriends there who constantly post pictures of the massive crowds that are wearing only two colors – Seahawk blue and green.


mik and jess

Or get Marshawn Lynch’s autograph.

MIke Bon

A Whidbey Island Air Force pilot flies the 12th Man flagpilot

 City Halls hang 12th Man flags, like Lake Sammamish

jessi chityha;;

and the City of Renton.


and workplaces gather for pictures, like Eddie Bauer

eddie bauer  Snoqualmie Valley school districtsno valley


Boeing Renton 10-16 bldg

The city of Issaquah renamed itself.issaquah

Today was Seahawk Blue day everywhere, and the excitement grows exponentially as the hours tick down to the kickoff Sunday afternoon. The 12th Man will once again raise its collective voice and silence Peyton Manning’s “Omaha.”

pete carrollWe have a coach in Pete Carroll whose middle name is optimism. His other middle name is opportunity – as in ‘look for the opportunity.” In four years with the Seahawks he has managed to  instill loyalty and accountability in a bunch of young guys  – and here we are at the Superbowl! Call it karma, kismet, it’s our time, or the planets are aligned, but this team is exceptional with an extraordinary leader.

And then there is Macklemore’s Can’t Hold Us


Being a part of this community as we embrace this epic experience is electrifying and I am enjoying it!!!


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  1. shannon388 permalink

    What fun! I’m convinced and will be rooting for the Hawks with great enthusiasm.. Thanks for giving me a more personal stake in the game 🙂

    • One more person cheering is certainly welcome, Shannon, doesn’t matter where the 12th Man is! This is quite exciting for us here in the Northwest, I tell you!

  2. I even gave myself a blue and green Seahawks manicure! GO HAWKS!!!

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