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Adventure with Half Marathon #27 and #28 – Palm Springs and racewalking!

February 23, 2014

I completed the half marathon in Palm Springs and six days later did the First Call Running Club’s President’s Day half in Bothell, WA, numbers 27 and 28 lifetime, numbers 10 and 11 in my 12-in-one-year quest to gain the Saturn Half Fanatic level, and number 3 in 2014.

Palm Springs is lovely in February and the race was well supported with a sunny course that wove us through a few hills, famous homes,  and downtown streets. This was the first time I wore my Half Fanatics shirt and it was so much fun to meet other HFs and take a picture before the race. There was Carol from Chicago, and Artie from California, and some cute young man from somewhere, and Donna from Tulsa. Donna told me she racewalked, and usually finishes in 2:50, which is my time goal. She said you swivel your hips and propel your arms and it allows you to keep on going. Donna started behind me and it didn’t take long before she racewalked right past me. I tried to keep up with her, but that effort didn’t last long!  I noticed there were many people racewalking past me and their shirts said What is that about?


My sister, who has never seen a racing event, did comment there were a lot of people my age coming through the finish line. I told her this was Palm Springs in February so of course there were! I finished 25 out of 29 women in my age group. Will do this event next year. The medal is pretty cool, too!

Palm Springs Half Marathon 2014 Medal

Racewalking is another way to help your body last longer. I think that is why I saw so many older people (older than me!)  racewalking at the Palm Springs Half. It is an Olympics event and has rules and techniques just like anything other sport. I found some training videos on You Tube and tried the swivel and propel techniques at the First Call half the next weekend.

First Call President's Day Medal

First Call President’s Day Medal

I say I tried, because it was painfully obvious that learning racewalking will take more that a You Tube video! It looks a bit funny if you watch professionals do it, but at the PS Half the people who racewalked right by me didn’t look funny at all – they looked fast! This technique has real potential in my Half Marathon career :)) If I could just meet my goal of finishing in under 3 hours… I could set a new goal!!

Next is the Tacoma City Marathon St. Paddy’s Half on March 15, then April 27 is the Heroes Half in Everett.

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  1. Great picture, Cath! You look so happy in the sunshine! Congrats on two more halfs!

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