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Adventure in Half Marathon #29 – I skipped Uranus and went straight to Saturn!

March 18, 2014

I skipped Uranus and went straight to Saturn!

Tacoma St Paddy's Day Finisher's Medal

Tacoma St Paddy’s Day Finisher’s Medal

My quest to get to the next level of Half Fanatics ended Saturday when I completed the Tacoma St.Paddy’s Day race in Tacoma. The criteria I chose was to do twelve Halfs in 365 days, and I completed the challenge with time to spare.

People who are fanatical about Half Marathons do them for as many different reasons as there are races – the achievement, winning, travel, the bling, the community, the camaraderie, to stay fit, and so on and so on. My reasons are all of those, well, except winning!

I am amazed (actually flabbergasted) that I discovered a passion that is interesting and colorful and makes my life wider and deeper and just plain bigger! I actually plan races around vacation. I want to do one in every state.  I will not do a race unless there is a medal. And I am getting choosy about the medals! I want to do Route 66 because they have the coolest art deco medal, and how amazing will it be to have one from Africa next year? What is happening to me?

This getting older thing can be a bit daunting, but my how -to-racewalk book arrived and although I am nursing a tender knee muscle I am betting I will be ready to go to Jupiter by doing two races in one weekend in May.

And If I don’t make it in May? There is always another opportunity!


This is so me!

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