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Adventures in Half Marathon #31 and #32 – Jumping to Jupiter with Pharrell

September 5, 2014

I know, I know, my excitement at jumping to Jupiter makes no sense if you are not in the Half Fanatic community and if you think ‘mooning up’ could be a phrase worthy of a raised eyebrow. But bear with me as I give new meaning to that phrase!

Getting to the next Half Fanatic level is measured by the level of planet you can lay claim to by fulfilling certain race criteria. I was at Saturn level. Mooning up to Jupiter (I know Jupiter is a planet, not a moon,but that is the way HFs do it!) over Labor Day means I did two half marathons in two days. In 24 hours. 9 am Sunday and 9 am Monday.

A lovely lady, Rose ‘SportyDiva’ Coates, puts on several local and low-key races that are well supported and well attended. This event was Sporty Diva’s Bad Azz Back to Back Days.

 Several Half Fanatics were doing the same thing, getting to Jupiter, and that was pretty fun, too, meeting new folks.

Half Fanatics and Marathon Maniacs

I did my racewalking intermittently with my slow running and my time was consistent. My friend Shaun waited patiently for me after she finished and now she is at Jupiter, too!Shaun Linse #7485 and Cathy Christian#1756 reach JupiterThe way you can tell how you performed is how you feel after… how your recovery goes. I ate a lot, got a foot massage, and was not crippled. All good signs!

The new tool in my half marathon toolbox is the Happy song by Pharrell Williams. During my training I discovered that the beat of that song was perfectly aligned with my racewalking tempo as well as my slow running tempo.

And the song made me happy!

I have only that one song on my 2 GB Apple shuffle so it played in my ears for over three hours both days. Loved it. Kept me happy. Kept my tempo, kept me consistent. The second morning I was a bit grumpy (I have to do this again?! What am I thinking?) so when we started I danced to it for the first three miles. Got ungrumpied.

Feeling happy!

And 13.1 miles later I was at Jupiter!

Mars is the next level but the criteria is stringent enough that Mars may have to wait until retirement or really good planning, whichever comes first!

Next up is Big Cottonwood in Salt Lake City, 13.1 miles downhill! Can’t wait!! And I will be taking Pharrell along 🙂


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