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View from the front! Rock and Roll Vancouver, British Columbia

October 31, 2014

Lifetime #35, 2014 #10, States 6, Countries 3

 View from the front!

I had the greatest experience at the Rock and Roll Vancouver British Columbia half marathon – I got to start in the first corral! I had no idea how fun it would be, not only being first but being part of the whole race experience for the whole time. People passed me for three hours!

I was told that an early start of 15 minutes for slower people is a common occurrence in Canada. I have done many Rock and Roll events but the early start was a first for me. To actually see the young lady singing ‘Oh Canada’ was a treat. We started 15 minutes before the first corral of elite runners, and it wasn’t long before we heard the sirens and the lady in the convertible with the bullhorn telling us to move to the right because the leaders were coming.

The winner as he startedThe police motorcycle escort was next and then the eventual winner, Kenyan Paul Kimugal, came barreling down the street with five or six young men following so close behind I am surprised no one tripped on each other’s shoes. He started in front and finished there, too.

Then another pack of men came, then a few minutes later the first woman flew past – this amazing young athlete wearing hardly anything barely touched the ground! Lovely winner

And me with my Camelbak and my nutrition (medjool dates and chia) and my leg warmers and my headphones and cell phone and two race belts – what a difference! But because I am out there not just twice, but almost three times longer than she is, I am prepared. I always think if I get caught in a blizzard or the desert I will survive 🙂

After the race

Starting early gave me a great opportunity to practice my race etiquette; stay to the right, look behind me before I moved, be polite as I passed those who were slower. And there were plenty of both – faster and slower. That was the fun part – I was never close to being alone out there! The course was gorgeous along the seawall and the day was that perfect blue.

RNR Van 1

Two bad parts – one was seeing a runner down. EMTs were doing chest compressions and an ambulance was coming as I passed. Made me sad and I hope he was alright. I heard that two other people suffered medical emergencies, too, which reminds me to enjoy the moments I do have!

Connie Many doing a selfie

The other bad part was not having food at the end – no oranges or bananas or bagels – just packaged carbs. Very unusual. Equally unusual was they gave out bananas BEFORE the race. I can’t stomach a banana at that time of the morning. I think someone got the times confused.

A passel of my girlfriends (and the lone husband!) made the trek north.

Our hotel was so swanky it had a TV embedded in the bathroom mirror!

TV in the bathroom mirror!

We took pictures at the Olympic cauldron at o’dark thirty.

At the Olympic Cauldron

Before the race

Being a Half Fanatic and wearing my shirt was energizing as I heard encouraging words from probably twenty HFs as they passed me – loved it! I even got to do the same as I passed a couple of HFs, too – really helps along the way.

I had a couple of miles when I was wondering what the heck I was doing – I could have stayed in our luxury hotel room, sat in the bath and watched TV in the mirror!

RNR Van 3

Being in front was fun. If I could lose 35 years maybe I could do it regularly, but since that won’t happen I will add this to my memory bank!

Next up is First Call Running Club Veteran’s Day half, a local race that has great support and a great spread of food waiting at the end!

Then I do the End of the World Half Marathon in Belize!!

  1. marie koch permalink

    Way to girl!!!!!!! I love hearing your stories. WE are so proud of you !!!!!!!!! You set an amazing goal and are working so hard to attain it. Keep us posted Love from MI, Marie

    Date: Fri, 31 Oct 2014 17:38:37 +0000 To:

  2. I can’t believe you have done 35 of these! I’m glad you had fun and got to start in the front. I’m sure it’s more fun than being out there after all the fast folks are long gone! 🙂

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