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Happy to turn at the rainbow!

November 9, 2014

Lifetime #36, 2014 #11, States 6, Countries 3

I am so lucky to live in the Northwest. There are a plethora of local half marathons from which to choose. The First Call Running Club stages four each year that feature a lovely run along the Sammamish River and a great spread of food at the end. Saturday was their Veteran’s Day event.

First Call Running Club Medal

If I weren’t going to Belize next month to do the End of the World Half Marathon I would probably have stayed in bed. I know I will be happy when I get that 13.1 miles under my belt, but I forget that when I am getting up at o-dark thirty to drive 40 miles away.

I wonder what is wrong with me that I ever thought this was a good way to spend Saturday morning. I fret that I have forgotten something vital to my existence – did I charge my music, do I have my headphones, do I have food and water?

Never mind that my ancestors crossed the Oregon trail without hydration vests or shoes with arch supports or compression socks or power bars or music to help their cadence. I have seen black and white pictures of my grandparents camping in the Arizona desert in the 1930s. Grandma is wearing a dress and a hat. Grandpa is standing next to a buck he killed, holding his shotgun and wearing a suit. How did they ever do anything without Lycra and Nikes?

I stop fretting and realize that no matter what I forgot I will be fine.

And it was a beautiful morning along the river. Heard and then saw a huge gaggle of Canadian geese flying their V-formation as the sky was a combination of overcast gray and blue. Perfect running weather. The turnaround was the rainbow and it was nice to see it.


My time was within my normal range and I was happy at the end when I ate a bunch of pretzels. Maybe two bunches.

I have a month until the race down the isthmus in Placencia, Belize. How fun is that going to be?

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  1. I’ve seen pictures of my grandparents hiking in the Rockies near Denver, and I think the same thing–How could they do that in those clothes?? Glad you’re having fun!

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