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Belize and Another Half Marathon

November 30, 2014

Deciding to do half marathon in Belize is the easy part. Deciding what to pack is another – do I need my race belt or just use safety pins, should I take my hydration vest, my electrolytes, long sleeve or short sleeve and sleeve warmers,  how many hats, or just my Half Fanatic buff? Garmin or not? If I take the Garmin then I need to take the charger and … see why this is so hard? My new flipbelt to stash money in? Or yet, what about food? Don’t forget that I still don’t know how my forefathers populated the West without Lycra. Spandex, or just the right running shoe:)

You would think that since I did a half in Lisbon, Portugal just two years ago I would already know the answer to What Should I Take? But I don’t, so I spend two weeks with things spread out on my living room floor – do I want two sets of sleeve warmers, and what about compression socks? I read a thread on  Half Fanatics Facebook page about how important they can be in long-range flying, so although I managed a 10 hour flight to Portugal without them, for the 5 hour flight to Cancun (my starting point to Belize) maybe I need them! I don’t know …

It gets worse before it gets better because I don’t want to check in baggage. I will be climbing Mayan ruins in Guatemala, too, so things have to do double duty. I find this perfect Lululemon backpack and decide that if you can’t fit, you can’t go.


No Garmin. No compression socks. One set of sleeve warmers. No race belt. One visor. Running shoes double for climbing. See, that wasn’t so hard.

Except this morning, in the rare Seattle snow on the way to the airport at o-dark thirty as I am getting coffee at Starbucks, I realize I have only two pair of pants (including my race ones) for 10 days travel. I race back to my house and grab a skirt, thinking that will cover anything else.

Motto: Trust yourself. You will be fine. There is a reason you are always early 🙂

One Comment
  1. And you can always buy stuff when you get there, right?? You could have stayed home and run the Seattle Half in 20 degree weather this morning!

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