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Lost Dutchman in Arizona – Next year!

February 17, 2015

My first half marathon of 2015 was to be Feb 14 at Apache Junction, Arizona, doing the Lost Dutchman race. I had a couple of major surgeries six weeks ago and thought of course I would be healed and ready to race! But my body had other plans and a couple of weeks I ago I told my surgeon I had decided not to do the half marathon. Her reply? “I am so glad to hear you say that!”

I already had my flight to Phoenix (no deferral there!) so I thought I would at least pick up my shirt at the expo. After all, the policy was no refund of your entry fee (normal policy) but I had paid for the shirt so why not pick it up?

I left my running shoes at home just in case some strange pull came over me, and my heart did feel a shove when I walked into the expo and felt the excitement that gravitates around any place where the racing community gets ready!

When I picked up my bib I mentioned I would not be racing because of my recent surgery, and  I was asked if I wanted to defer my bib to next year.

Defer my bib? Race next year? Are you kidding? I said yes so fast I said it again in case she missed the first yes. She told me to text the Race Director and let him know and voila! I was deferred! I did ask if I could have my shirt and she said no, not if you want to race next year!

So a shout out of gratitude to the folks at Lost Dutchman who deferred my bib to next year’s race. I am absolutely thrilled.

For years it has been normal policy to not give a refund or transfer your number or even defer it. If your plans change  you usually have no recourse to recoup your entry fee. I have lost a few hundred dollars over my racing life because life gets in the way of my plans. This time was a prime example. I planned the surgery to give me enough time to heal, but didn’t take into account my body’s plans!

But I see these policies changing as there are more and more events from which to choose and race directors try to entice the small percentage of the population (like 1%) (crazy people) to choose their race.  Race Directors are becoming better at refunding, or letting you transfer your bib to someone else, or deferring. And the medals are getting fancier and blingier. I am considering doing Route 66 in Tulsa, Oklahoma because of the medal! And Twin Cities, and Maui, and … well, you get the idea!

I will have this one next year!

I will have this one next year!

Now to get ready for the St. Paddy’s Day Half in Tacoma on March 14. Thank you Lost Dutchman in Apache Junction, Arizona!

One Comment
  1. How great! I have seen more races work with life getting in the way. Whether it’s a deferral or refunding X% of registration fee. It’s nice to see! So glad you can do it next year when you’re well!
    I laughed so hard at the part where you actually left your shoes at home hahahaha! That’s what I would have to do. ..and then I’d probably buy new shoes at the expo and run anyway!

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