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Blooming in Omak: Showing up for my first Half Marathon of 2015!

April 27, 2015

Lifetime 38, 2015 1, States 6, Countries 4

My first half marathon of 2015 was April 25 at the Orchards in Bloom Half Marathon, Omak, Washington. I usually get a much earlier start in the year, but two significant surgeries put me into recovery mode. Once I saw the gorgeous medal on their website, I chose this half marathon in eastern Washington for my first of 2015. Who wouldn’t want this sweet medal?

Medal for Orchards in Bloom Half Marathon, Omak, WA

Medal for Orchards in Bloom Half Marathon, Omak, WA

My girlfriend and I drove the five hours to Omak on Friday to pick up our bibs. She was going to do the 10k (6.2 miles) while I did the half (13.1 miles).

It was a lovely course through the streets of Omak. There were 200 participants for both courses, most for the 10k. In the first two miles I stopped several times to stretch my calves and shins against telephone poles and mailbox posts, and by mile 3 this is what I saw:

I was prepared, though, to go it alone and although I did pass that participant (she is that dark spot on the street way up there by the telephone pole!) I played my one playlist song (Happy by Pharrell Williams) and entertained myself!

I looked around at the scenery,

Omak, WA

pink dogwood

saw lots of horses,

horses and goats

 and admired all the apple orchards in bloom.

apple orchards in bloom

There were chickens and dogs and even turkeys along the course.


I thanked the volunteers and got a kick out of one young lady who was sitting all by herself on the side of the road looking at her cell phone. I watched as the person ahead of me started to pass by her. As if by magic, she looked up from her phone, flashed a brilliant smile, pumped her fist in the air, and cheered “Good job!” and then immediately dipped her face back to her phone until it was my turn – and then I, too, got a smile, a great fist pump, a “Good job!” before her head dipped again. Priceless!

I  never got lost because the course was so well marked, but the roads were open and I had to listen for cars approaching – and then there was the loud tractor. We waved as he passed me!


There were a couple of small hills and it was mostly overcast (my favorite running weather!) until mile 10 when the sun came out. I felt blessed it waited that long before it made its appearance!

Best of all, my body did well. I was a bit concerned after the long layoff, but I felt good. My girlfriend had a cooler that I filled with ice and stuck my feet in during the ride home, and that was a huge boost to my recovery.


And I won my age group!

with medal

Okay, I was the only one in my age group, but you know what? I showed up! And that is what I plan on continuing to do – show up!

Next race is the Tacoma City Half Marathon May 3.

  1. Eric says, “A win is a win!” I’m glad you had a good time … it looks like a lovely country course.

  2. The important message you shared is to ‘show up’ – everywhere in life. 🙂 Great job!!!

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