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A half marathon transiting Tacoma – and the View from that Bridge!

May 7, 2015

Lifetime 39, 2015 2, States 6, Countries 4

I loved doing the Tacoma City Half Marathon on May 3!

It was warm, it was pretty, it was a race day of opportunities for me! Forgot my music. Forgot to charge my Garmin timing watch. Forgot I had already signed up so I did it again – sorry, no refunds!

But the Universe was telling me to slow down and enjoy the journey. At least, that was how I chose to look at it after I melted down in tears at the start line when I realized my music was back in my car. Well, actually, that was how my girlfriends told me to look at it!

My friend Connie Many walked the whole 13.1 miles with me – no running was allowed because doing the half marathon in Omak last week irritated the surgical stuff and I needed to be careful. Do not need another long layoff!

Look at the Tacoma Narrows Bridge as the course heads across – pretty sight!

Heding onto the Tcoma Narrows Bridge

Here is the medal – biggest one I can remember from the Tacoma City Marathon – really nice!

Tacoma City Half Marathon Medal

And here are my girlfriends who were there for me while Connie and I determinedly got to the finish line.  We turned the corner into the finishing chute and as we both said “Let’s go” we gave it our all, running hard the last 800 feet or so. That was fun! And yes, I’m okay.

The girlfriends! Connie Many, Cathy Christian, Shaun Linse, Diana Hull

I learned I can do this half marathon thing without assistance from the music and the timing watch. I looked up and around and saw the scenery, had a sip of beer at a water stop, got drenched at another water stop, and talked seemingly nonstop with Connie.

I signed up for 2016 because it is the 10th anniversary of the event  – and since it is so close to home I have to be there!

Right now my next race is in July in Denver, Colorado. I may do a couple of local ones before then, though. Gotta keep showing up!

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