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Learning lessons from my 90 year old mother!

May 18, 2015

Mother’s Day I was reminded of a couple of lessons that have come from my 90 year old mother. As I get older, I want these embedded in my brain!

I flew to her home in Grants Pass, Oregon to celebrate the day with her. Mom is in great health. She drives. She loves the Hallmark Channel. She is gracious to everyone. 

Lesson Number 1 How important a community is to our well being

Mom has lived alone for most of the last thirty years, and has established her membership in a couple of dynamic communities.

She is director of the Josephine County Plant Clinic (the Master Gardener people) and volunteers her time – sometimes as much as 160 hours a month! She was even lauded as the 2014 Master Gardener of the Year for the county.

mom on float

The other community is the church. Between being in charge of the rummage sale and the speaking and coordinating and meetings and whatnot, she is pretty busy with the church, too. Important communities.

Mom gardens. Relentlessly.

Please let me be this limber when I am 90!

Please let me be this limber when I am 90!

People come from all over to see her yard with the roses and peonies and iris and azaleas.. .well you get the idea.


She always has a list of yard work for me to do when I come visit her. This time the list included trimming the lilacs and getting rid of bad roses. I tell her I pay a landscaper to take care of my yard, but as a good daughter I remember she is 90 so I do her list without complaint. Well, I think I do!

Lesson Number 2 Keep learning!

Mom also works at maintaining her brain. Between keeping every book she ever bought, maintaining collections of everything from birds to nests to rocks to stamps and a lot more, to using a laptop, she is intent on always moving forward.

Mom and her Ipad

Mom and her Ipad

Mom now has a mini Ipad, which may be the greatest thing for her since … well ever, actually. The simple design of the Ipad is so conducive to 90 year olds who want to stay connected. And my mother sure does.

Another lesson – you have no control over some things – like good genes. I thanked her for giving me her good hair gene. Seems it runs in her family. 

this one of me and mom

Next June I am taking her to Zimbabwe, Africa so she can visit a place and time very dear to her heart – the mission station where she was a teacher in 1948-50. She asked me if we were going on any tours. A safari? I am sure that at 91 she will run me to the ground!

Mom on camel

One Comment
  1. Your mom is amazing!! I can’t even bend over like that! I love that last photo. Zimbabwe will be a very special trip.

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