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Drones and Downhill – Big Cottonwood Half Marathon, Utah

October 3, 2015

Lifetime 42, 2015 5, States 7, Countries 4

 Revel Big Cottonwood Half Marathon, Salt Lake City, UT September 13, 2015

Summary: Downhill the first 9 miles, then 4 miles flat. Lovely weather until the flat, then it got hot! Great race support, lots of people, especially Half Fanatics and Maniacs. My third Revel race; like them better than RNR.

Remiss and reluctant to post about this race, probably because it took me 14 minutes longer than last year – same course, same weather.

Well, the drone distracted me.  I am sure it cost me a few minutes!

Putting the drone in flight

I was so enamored with the drone they flew it over my head so I could take a picture!

Drone overhead

This year I dragged five girlfriends with me to this race. We raced under the Raise the Bar team name. Patti Krebsbach, she of finishing almost 100 marathons, did the full (that is why she is the only one holding the 26.2 sign!). The rest of us did the half. Erna Abriam (yellow blouse) was so fast she achieved a Personal Record (PR.) Paula Lloyd, Shaun Linse, and Connie Many completed our team.

Big Cottonwood

We stayed at the same hotel (Crystal Mid-Valley) as I did last year because they made everything easy – shuttle to/from the airport; a comfortable shuttle to the start line; a breakfast bag; a pool and a jacuzzi which we used after the race.

Cathy and Connie 2

My friend Connie Many, who did the race with me last year, too.

It was hot the last four miles!

It was hot the last four miles on the flat. The course was in the middle of the street and cars were on both sides – a bit disconcerting but the policeman made the cars wait for us.


The finish line is right there! And I was anxious to cross it!

20150912_103610 Nice big medal!

Next up? Sport Divas is October 4 on a course around Chambers Bay golf course in University Place, WA.

Route 66 is November 22 in Tulsa. I am a bit concerned because I made flight plans in March and United Airlines has changed the flight time twice since then, and now I am down to 61 minutes to catch my Alaska flight from Houston to Seattle. It is a change of terminals, too. If I miss the flight home there is nothing until the next day. But I am sure it will be fine. Alaska has not changed their flight at all!!

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