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Getting ready to run Route 66…

November 20, 2015

RTEE 66 logo

and I am more nervous than any race in a long time! I signed up for this race 8 months ago because:

  • I need Oklahoma in my 50 states quest
  • This race is renowned for the perks it gives Maniac and Fanatic members
  • The medal is unlike any other – the Flying Goddess


Why am I nervous? I have travelled alone to half marathons halfway around the world – this is only Tulsa! My training has taken a dive the past six weeks, but this race is known for being walker-friendly. And my body certainly knows how to do 13.1 miles!

It is going to be cold, like 22 degrees cold at the start. I have layers. Even went to Goodwill and bought a throwaway sweatshirt. Once I warm up, I can toss it and it will be collected and go to the homeless of Tulsa.

I spent way too much time deciding if I want my roller suitcase or my tote because I cannot check in a bag – I have a trek between terminals in Houston and little time to make the connection, no time to wait at baggage claim. Taking the roller. I can run faster with it!

Maybe I am excited, not nervous.

Gotta go to the airport! More later!!

  1. Mother permalink

    The date of the marathon was not mentioned. I sense there was a combination of feelings going on.. I am also sure you will hove done great. Did you receive the e mail I sent you a bit ago.

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