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Route 66 Half Marathon – what a kick it was!!

November 28, 2015

Summary: Great race course, fantastic community support, unmatched medal, excellent expo, lots of friendly people! The race to do if you are a Half Fanatic. 15,000 plus people from all fifty states and other countries did this race.

Lifetime 43, 2015 6, States 8, Countries 4

Williams Route 66 Marathon, Tulsa, Oklahoma, November 22, 2015

At the Expo

If you want to do a race in Oklahoma, do this one.

RTEE 66 logo

If you want to visit a medium-sized city with a small-town vibe, do this one.

2015-11-21 14.25.20

If you want to be part of a great big friendly running community, do this one.

I am in there!

I am in there!

If you want the coolest medal in the racing community, do this one!


This was my 43rd lifetime half marathon, and it vaulted to the top of my favorite domestic races. (Lisbon and Belize are still my international favorites.)

The expo was so organized that a race packet volunteer guided you to the next open lane. No jostling, no waiting.

expo guy

Even the Solutions Desk was on the ball and bumped me up a corral so I stood a better chance of making my flight home.

The race started at a decent time, 8 am, which meant that even though it was freezing cold the sun was up.

Morning sungetting ready to start

Notice I am wearing my Boeing safety vest, which has useful pockets and reflective tape. I have worn this vest in my last five half marathons and I like knowing people will see me!

Before the race

The course was all over downtown and so much fun. Lots and lots of people cheered us on from every street corner, from driveways, and even a couple of block parties handed out beer.


Handing out beer!

Going through the college campus, the kids were out with water and music and signs.

college campus

Passing the Philbrook museum saw more signs.

11th st bridfge close

I belong to a group of fanatical people called the Half Fanatics.

2015-11-22 07.22.02

This race had special perks for members of that club (and members of Marathon Maniacs and 50-State Club) – and 2000 of us came to take advantage of the special tents, the special food, the special picture, and the special medal. Meeting people who share the same passion is always fun.wp-1448670912710.jpeg

What I learned about Tulsa OK

Tulsa has hills.  I thought Oklahoma was a flat state. I was wrong!

Tulsa has a Golden Driller who dresses according to the season and event,  including wearing kilts during Irish Spring.


Golden Driller

Tulsa is a lovely city that is undergoing a great renaissance of historical preservation of its art deco design all over downtown, including a couple of homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

archwith clock

church arch


Tulsa markets its connection to Route 66 very well.


11th Street Bridge


Meadow Gold Plant

Tulsa has lots of interesting statues everywhere in the city.


Model A meets horse and carriage at the 11th Street Bridge

Hat and rose

Loved this hat!

Tulsa has excellent museums – I  visited the Gilcrease Museum, who houses the world’s largest, most comprehensive collection of art and artifacts of the American West. They pulled off a coup in the 1940’s when they bought the complete Frederic Remington collection from under the noses of the eastern museum elite.Remington 1902

It was awesome to see how Remington’s designs influenced the medium of sculpture. For instance, Coming Through the Rye has only six of the sixteen hooves touching the ground – in 1902 a technical marvel.


Sacred Rain Arrow by master sculptor Allan Houser permanently resides at the museum’s entrance.

Only two alabaster busts of Jean Lafayette and two of George Washington exist. Gilcrease has two and the Palace of Versailles has the other two.

Lafayette bustThey were worth staring at for a long while. Along with the life size mask of Abraham Lincoln – and his hands.

Back to Route 66

Although I had a great time on the course, I couldn’t enjoy the post race activities because I had 45 minutes to run the mile back to my hotel, check out, and make the shuttle to the airport. I think I ran faster than I did in the race!

Where I stayed

I finished the race and I got my pictures.

After the race

394275_214636670_MediumAnd then I ran back to the hotel, took a fast shower, and I was ready to go home. Thank goodness for online check in and no baggage! It was a long plane trip from Tulsa to Seattle, but so worth it.

Next up are two local half marathons. I am deciding right now what my 2016 calendar will look like. What states will I do next? Whatever city Alaska Airlines flies to has a big advantage. My connection between Tulsa and Houston was on United … and every once in a while you need to be reminded how good you have it. I am so grateful Alaska Airlines is in my neighborhood 🙂

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  1. Tulsa looks like lots more fun than I would have thought! Great post … and I LOVE your new layout!!

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