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2015 was uplifting … 2016 will soar!

January 2, 2016

I’m gonna get more time!

I once lamented to my dad that it seemed like my birthday came sooner each year, although the calendar still said it came every twelve months. He said it was only my perception of time that made me think time was whooshing by, not the actual calendar. Then he told me to go read his book!

Turns out that as we have more and more life experiences (i.e., we get older!) our brain puts our similar experiences on kind of an auto-pilot. Birthdays come faster. Christmases run together. We perform daily tasks and don’t even think about how we do them. And half the time (or maybe most!) we can’t remember doing them!

Why time flies

Here’s the deal – if your brain doesn’t have new things to process, new things to do and learn, it doesn’t have to work very hard and so old information takes a shortcut through our brains. This gives us the perception that time is flying by. Our brains get bored.

It also turns out we can slow time down if we feed our brains new information, new data, new stuff! The extra processing time required will make us feel like time is moving more slowly.

That’s all I have to do to get more time? Learn new stuff? Have new experiences? Ahh, well, not really, since it is all in my brain, but I hope it will change my perception of time!

Keep learning! Try new things! Visit new places!

2016 will contain a lot of new things for me designed to make sure I enjoy and savor more time. I will be going to the country in Africa where my parents met and married, as well as drive on the ‘wrong’ side of the road, spend several days on safari, and bungee jump across the Zambezi. I will do half marathons in at least two new states (Nevada and Florida). I can’t yet plan the whole year but I know it will contain more of the same!

And 2015? What a great year!

What was I thinking? How to shake your booty at my last half marathon of the year – courtesy of Rose Coates Sporty Divas!

In pictures!

Best to all of us as we traverse another year in our lives – and may we make it last longer!!

Final 2015 Half Marathon stats: Lifetime 43, 2015 7, States 8, Countries 4




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