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I love doing half marathons!

February 15, 2016
Green River Half Marathon February 13, 2016

Cathy and Dena (photograph courtesy of David Edgeworth)


And when everything aligns, doing that 13.1 miles is even better! The Green River Half marathon was just so in alignment – perfect weather, blue sky with sun, 50 degrees or thereabout, and no rain as the deluge held off until after the race was over! The paved trail followed the Green River as it meandered from Tukwila, Washington to Kent, Washington. Trail construction dictated that this year the race was a turnaround, when usually it is a point to point event. The turnaround was fun because I got to high-five and greet people as we passed.

I love smallish races like these – they let you start early, the only direction is follow the arrow, a volunteer writes down your time when you finish, and they just seem more personal. The Green River Marathon is a passion for the race director; the donations go to a local charity. I don’t even mind there is no medal! I know that is hard to believe from someone who traveled to Tulsa, Oklahoma (from Seattle!) because she wanted the

2015 Route 66 Half Marathon Medal

2015 Route 66 Half Marathon Medal

Flying Goddess medal from Route 66,

Cocal Beach Half Marathon medalor who is going to Cocoa Beach, Florida in October to bring home the I Dream of Jeannie bottle medal! But sometimes you have to be bigger than yourself. It was an absolutely great way to start a weekend!!

I have been changing up my training to be in line with Jeff Galloway’s run/walk philosophy that stresses injury prevention and my time was pretty good at Green River. Within an hour after the race end, I was at Happy Feet getting a foot massage, another of my injury-prevention techniques!

In the last seven years of doing this my only goal has been to remain uninjured, and other than a bad case of plantar fasciitis I have been injury-free. But new birthdays remind me that the ante keeps going up. I think Galloway’s method is the right strategy to for me to remain healthy and still compete in half marathons. There is a lot more bling that I want!




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