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A new state and a new race!

May 8, 2016

Summary: Inaugural Revel Race Mt Charleston, Las Vegas: Gently sloping long and straight course for first 9 miles begs for PRs and BQs,  support extremely strong,  recommend so much I may do it next year!

Lifetime 45, 2016 2, States 89, Countries 4

Inaugural Revel Race at Mt. Charleston, Las Vegas, Nevada

May 7, 2016

From wheels up in Seattle to wheels back down thirty hours later, there was no time to do any more in Las Vegas than pick up the race packet, sleep, get up at 0’dark thirty to catch the bus, do the race, get back to the hotel and shower, and grab In-N-Out burgers on our way to the airport.

But it was so much fun!

This is my fourth Revel Race in three years, and I had no intention of doing this one until they sent shrewd marketing my way.

If you do three Revels races in one year you get an extra medal, called the Triple Reveler. I did two in 2015 but couldn’t get that last one. Then they sent me an email saying “We noticed you didn’t get three, but if you do our inaugural in Las Vegas we will give you the extra medal.”

Sign me up! I took two friends and off we went.

Revel Mt. Charleston

The course: Long and straight and gently heading downward for the first nine miles. Other Revel downhills had the curves and gradients typical of mountain roads, and it took some doing to stay flat as you traversed them. But this course had none of the side sloping and curves, just straight.

Support: The busses were comfortable coaches they let us stay in until it was time to get ready to race. Portable toilets and water stations were plentiful and you couldn’t get lost because there were great signs. The last three miles were in town and the police handled traffic well. At the finish was pizza, a slice of Marie Callender’s pie, (I had apple), massage, and of course, my two medals!

Revel Mt. Charleston

The weather was perfect for me – overcast. The sun did not come out until I had only a couple of miles to go, and I think that helped on my time.

Another reason I love Revel is because the minute you finish they print out a card for you with all your stats. And the free pictures! The photographers were plenty and they give you lots of warning they are coming up – so you can smile!

Revel 4 Revel 3

I am considering doing this next year because it was fun, and I think I can get a PR on this course. Recommend highly!


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  1. Marge Bethel permalink

    Looking good Cathy sounds like a fun run 🙂 Hope to see you soon🎉

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