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2016 Africa Adventure – Victoria Falls Part 1 Passion Fruit and Microlight

July 8, 2016

Welcome to Victoria Falls!


Victoria Falls was the most touristy place I visited, and I loved it! I flew around Victoria Falls, walked the length of the falls, took a train ride next to the falls, sunset-cruised on the Zambezi River, and jumped off a cliff close to the falls. I added another passport stamp when I spent a day in Chobe National Park in Botswana, but best of all …

VF15 I had passion fruit for breakfast each morning!!!

My father brought home from Africa a love of passion fruit (also called Granadilla), and we grew the viney fruit at our house in Orange County, California.

VF passion flower

You might recognize the passion fruit flower.

These fruit are rare in Seattle (where I live) markets. Most people have no idea what they are so when I do find them they are too wrinkled and dry and not close to warranting the $3.00 or $4.00 price, which is so exorbitant anyway. I think most of the time the markets order them by accident. Someone sees ‘passion fruit’ and wonders what that is about.

VF passion fruit

So imagine my delight when I went to the breakfast buffet at my hotel and there they were! A whole plate of them! I went back for seconds and ended up eating all they had prepared. Did the same the next three mornings!

Where I stayed


Very nice place but I was so busy I never took pictures!

Playing in Victoria Falls, part 1

So, want to see the amazing things I did in Victoria Falls?  There was so much I had split them up into separate blogs! First up is the microlight flight in Zambia.

VFalls map 3

The microlight flight – totally thrilling!

I got the idea for the microlight when I watched Amazing Race last year.  It looked like so much fun, and since AR was doing it I knew it was safe, and it turned out to be both thrilling and safe!


The airstrip actually was in Zambia (another passport stamp!). My pilot was Swiss, married to a Zimbabwean, and had spent two years living in Washington state. 

It was exciting for my first glimpse of the falls to be from a perspective that takes your breath away, and to see elephants and hippos playing in the headwaters below was mesmerizing. The pilot made sure he went low so we could see them up close.

You can’t take your camera with you on the flight; they attached a GoPro to the wing that took pictures that you could buy. At first I was bummed, but then I became happy that I didn’t have my camera because I really focused on the sky around me and the landscape below. Yes, I bought the pictures!


Taking off from airstrip in Zambia.


DCIM100GOPROG0014354.Victoria Falls in the distance

 Next: Victoria Falls Part 2 Steam Train

  1. Oh wow–that looks SO scary and so fun! I’m envious. The head of the falls looks fearsome. Eric had an amazing passion flower vine when he lived on Whidbey, but we never saw it fruit. I didn’t know passion fruit (which I have only tasted in fake fruit punch) came from the same plant.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I am going in 2 weeks. So excited!!

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