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On my way to 50 half marathons

July 11, 2016

Several months ago I signed up for the Cocoa Beach, Florida Half Marathon in October because I wanted their medal, a replica of the I Dream of Jeannie bottle.Cocal Beach Half Marathon medal

I did Route 66 in Tulsa, OK last year for the same reason; their medal was so retro!

Route 66 After the Race

Route 66 After the Race

The medal for Route 66 this year is very tempting.  It is a spinner! But back to my story …


I hadn’t given much thought to milestones until I noticed on the Half Fanatics Facebook page that people celebrated reaching 100 – and 50! Of course they do! I realized that if I planned it right I could make Cocoa Beach my 50th Half. I was at #45 so I needed four races.

So the planning began.

There were only two requirements: Cheap and not far away. Luckily in the Pacific Northwest there are tons of races in the summer.

I found exactly what I needed.

Green River marathon series – Race Director Steve Barrick puts these on several times a year. Low key and free! I always donate, though, and I like that donations go to Northwest Harvest. I did the race on June 3 and he let me start at 6 am! So #46 done.

West Seattle Beach Run Half – This was lovely because the course was mostly on the waterfront and the weather was overcast and warm, but not too warm. It was $25.00 (donations to charity) and Race Director Mike Mahanay let me start at 6 am, too! There were lots of folks doing the full and 50K, too. Really nice medal and the great food at the finish line was needed, believe me. July 10 was #47!

West Seattle Half

Orting Half Marathon – This one starts at 9 am (a bit late for me!) and there are no finisher medals, but it does meet my requirements of cheap and close to home. This one is August 6 and will be #48.

Sporty Divas Half – Rose Coates puts on fun events and she will be doing her Bad Azz Back to Back on the Western Chehalis Trail on Labor Day weekend. I love doing Rose’s events; she has the best goody bags! Last year I did both days to get to my next Half Fanatics level (Jupiter), but this year I will only be doing one day because one is all I need for #49, enough to get me to Cocoa Beach for my 50th!

I am so excited!

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