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2016 Africa Adventure – Victoria Falls Part 2 Steam Train

July 18, 2016

Welcome to Victoria Falls!

Riding the steam train to the Victoria Falls bridge!


 Playing in Victoria Falls, part 2

VFalls map 3

The Steam Train

Being able to ride the steam train to the Victoria Falls Bridge (completed in 1905) was sheer luck. My research had shown this ride was closed, but a week before I left it had reopened and I made the reservation for the sunset trip. I fervently hoped it would still be open when I got there!

VFAlls hotel

The train station is at the venerable old lady, the Victoria Falls Hotel. Built by the British in 1904, it is one of the oldest hotels in Africa with a history that spans the 20th century. The link has fascinating information on the hotel, beginning, as all things in southern Africa do, with Cecil Rhodes.


It was a very old train, (1952 14a Class Locomotive 512) and the inside harkened back to the British times with the wood and velvet, including delivery of a gin and tonic by a waiter!

I leaned way out to get this picture.

I leaned way out to get this picture.


I stood on the open observation deck at the front so I could see what was coming. When we got to Victoria Falls Bridge we disembarked to take pictures. The engine disconnected and left because the bridge could not handle the load of both the engine and the cars.


I loved watching the nuns take pictures of themselves. What struck me was the iPad; it was the first one I had seen in Africa. On their skirts are pictures of famous nuns in the past.




Victoria Falls in the background

The train ride is now closed, so I am very happy I was able to take advantage of that small window. It  was another great adventure!

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