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2016 Africa Adventure – Victoria Falls Part 3 Walking the Falls

July 25, 2016

Playing in Victoria Falls, part 3


Walking along Victoria Falls and a 1950 video of my parents doing the same thing

VFalls map 3

Entering Victoria Falls was a bit pricey, I thought, for a non Zim, but then non Zims are a captive audience. I noticed they took credit cards, a rarity in Zimbabwe, so I thought I would pay that way … but what the sign doesn’t say is they charged 5.00 USD for that privilege … so I paid cash. 

VFAlls 1

In front of the Main Falls.

At Vic Falls

The walk along the falls was a couple of miles each way. I was not inconvenienced!


This walk along Victoria Falls was truly awesome. I got wet in some places, and I was amazed that you could get pretty close to the edge.  

Glad I brought a poncho!Glad I brought a poncho!

The precipice is pretty close!

My parents visited Victoria Falls on their honeymoon in 1950. My dad and grandpa took this video (yes, I know this means Dad’s parents went with him and Mom on their honeymoon, but read this and you will understand) and Dad narrated it in 1980 when he had the 35 mm transferred to VHS.

Here is a picture of my dad at the falls, playing with his camera.

Dad VF

I took way too many pictures of the falls! They are magnificent. Astounding. Awesome. It was very easy to spend several hours just looking and listening and being in wonder. 

Victoria Falls1

Listen to the powerful sounds of the falls.

See David Livingston, he who is credited with ‘discovering’ the falls. This was when the British ruled most of the known world.



The walk along the falls ended at this bridge, then I had to turn around and go back. I realized this was Victoria Falls bridge that my steam train ride had stopped on the night before. I got to see the bridge from both sides!


I am going to repeat myself. Victoria Falls are magnificent. Astounding. Awesome. I met some people who had been to Iguazu Falls in Brazil and they said Victoria Falls were better, but they emphasized you still should see Iguazu, anyway. I will.

You can read more about Victoria Falls here.

 Next: Chobe National Park in Botswana – on land and on water!

  1. This is just breathtaking, Cathy! How precious to have your dad narrating his film clip (he has a broadcaster’s voice). How can anyone compare Iguazu and Victoria Falls and say one is “better” than the other? They are both incredible.

    • I am fortunate to have this trove of artifacts, D’Arcy, and now that you said it I realize what a great voice he had. He was a teacher his whole life and I think he learned early how to project. Thanks!

  2. ron hoppe permalink

    Well done as always

  3. Jan Mayes permalink

    Thank you for sharing! The photos and the film your father took tell such an amazing story. You are so lucky to have followed this amazing trail in their footsteps! We visited Iguazu Falls from the Argentina side and it was amazing as well. Victoria Falls is on our bucket list! I will think of you when we finally visit!

    • I would love to hear your itinerary to Iguazu because I am planning! And we do need to share our African experiences 😊

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