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2016 Africa Adventure – Chobe National Park, Botswana

August 2, 2016

Victoria Falls Part 4 – A day in Chobe National Park in Botswana

VFalls map 3

Chobe National Park in Botswana

I was on a boat for the morning trip down the Chobe River in the park, had lunch, and then was in a jeep for the return, driving the land side of the river. Game viewing was fantastic from both sides.


Before you can cross the border into Botswana,  you have to step on an insecticide wash. Guess they figure that will do it!


After your shoes have been rid of all diseases, you go into the passport office to pay money to get your passport stamp. That required a lot of waiting in line  – first the stamp line, then the pay money line (USD cash only), then the line to validate you have done both. And then the last line as the guy at the door checks to make sure all the other lines have done their job!

Botswana is not computerized. It was indeed a throwback of at least 30 years for me, watching the stamping and shuffling of papers as we moved from line to line!.

This sign was inside the customs office. If this agenda is what they aspire to, I can tell you that from my experience they are doing very well on the second bullet!


But it was worth it!


What I saw

Elephants – I think April is baby elephant month in Africa

Going home

I cannot believe I got the babies so perfectly in this video. This is probably my favorite of the whole trip.


A baby!

My one and only lioness. She was tagged and sleeping under a tree, but I still saw her!


Birds – lots and lots of birds, but this is the most interesting bird behavior I have ever seen. 


Black Heron with foraging umbrella. Thought to be shading water to attract small fish.

What a great picture I took of the yellow-billed stork.


cho24 Water Buffalocho26 cho27 Sable Antelope

Helmeted Guinea Fowl

Guinea hens

On the way back to Victoria Falls, a mile of trucks were parked as they tried to navigate going from Botswana to Zimbabwe.  They can wait days for permission.cho30

I only saw a sliver of Chobe National Park, and could easily spend days there!

Next! A sunset cruise on the Zambezi and how to have an exceedingly steep adrenaline rush!


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