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2016 Africa Adventure – Batoka Gorge Swing and Dinner Cruise

August 18, 2016



 Playing in Victoria Falls, part 5

VFalls map 3

The Batoka Gorge Swing

I saw this gorge swing on the Amazing Race last year when the show went to Victoria Falls. I figured if it was safe enough for a television show it was safe enough for me! You can see on the map above where it is located and how close it is to Victoria Falls. The other side of the gorge is Zambia.

The staff are very experienced with crazy tourists from across the world who want to do this, and are experts with making sure you are strapped in correctly. The directions were quite simple: Just hang on to the rope. So I did!

Jumping off that platform was the most adrenaline rush I have ever felt, and that includes when I went skydiving over Lake Mead in Las Vegas. It was AWESOME!!!

Ready to jump Batoka

I pared this video down because it took a few attempts before I finally jumped. Actually, I kind of just tipped over. The guy said “One, two, three, jump” at least three times before I finally moved. It was a 70m (225 feet) free fall and it was such a thrill!

Lookout Cafe

People in the Lookout Café (above picture) said they heard me scream. Don’t doubt it!

After the fall

I wanted to do it again. I still want to do it again!

Sunset dinner cruise on the Zambezi

What a lovely experience! Dinner was prepared by a local chef and the South African wine was delightful. We came upon a group of elephants playing on the water, and saw lots of birds. Everyone was friendly.

Sunset Cruise on Zambezi

Couldn’t get away from Trump

What was most interesting was the subject that had dogged me the whole trip. When people found out I was American, they only thing they wanted to talk about was Donald Trump.  This evening was no different. I drank a lot of South African wine as I reassured several Australians (“When the U.S. sneezes, Australia gets pneumonia” was a comment from one Aussie), Germans, and South Africans that Trump wouldn’t get the nomination because we Americans were too aware of the global implications to let that happen.

I am glad I visited Africa during the American election primary season and not later, after he became the candidate. I don’t know how I would have explained that!

Buying stuff

I had become pretty good at bartering but since I was limited to what I could carry home, I didn’t purchase much.

Hippo for saleHippo for sale

Metal RhinoRhino not for sale

I really liked the tall giraffes like in the picture, but I couldn’t see carrying one all the way to Seattle. But I thought about it! This is one slice of the fairly large market in Victoria Falls. The artifacts really are hand made.


I did carry home in my backpack a big hippo made of ironwood. His name is Horace and he now resides on my fireplace mantle.


On to Johannesburg

After four days in Victoria Falls I flew to Johannesburg, South Africa for a quick 30 hours before I flew back to Seattle. The power of the Internet played a huge role in my being able to really get a sense of this edgy, interesting, and beautiful city. It is worth your time, as my next post will reveal.


Next – Johannesburg, South Africa – Fascinating city


  1. Marge permalink

    Wow wow and wow! You are one brave heart and I so admire your spirit of adventure😊

  2. Anonymous permalink

    You never told me you went skydiving over Lake Mead. Yikes , I am a very dull person.

    • Anonymous permalink

      Well, I don’t know how to identify myself. Denise

  3. Anonymous permalink

    The above comment was mine.

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