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Beach and Bling – Half Marathon #50 at Cocoa Beach, FL

October 26, 2016

Summary: Organized, well run, great community support, nice expo, loved running on the beach for three miles, water stops frequent, I Dream of Jeannie theme fun, love the medal. Highly recommend.

Lifetime – 50, 2016 – 7 , States – 10, Countries – 4

I admit that I love the medals that come with finishing half marathons. Right now 2015 and 2016 are displayed so they are the first thing you see when you walk in my front door.


Last year I dipped further into this madness when I flew to Tulsa, Oklahoma because I wanted the Flying Goddess medal from the Route 66 Half Marathon. A favorite of mine.

Route 66 After the Race

Route 66 After the Race

Then six months ago Cocoa Beach Half Marathon in Florida posted a picture of their medal for their October race.


I watched I Dream of Jeannie every Saturday night. I loved her outfit and I had a crush on astronaut Major Nelson.


Jeannie and Major Nelson on the Cocoa Beach half marathon course

I needed the state of Florida for my 50 state quest. Alaska Air had a sale on a nonstop Seattle – to Orlando. The parents of a colleague live in Cocoa Beach and she gave me a detailed CB map and told me the best hotel. I was going.

October 22

The expo was very nice, very organized.  Shirt easily changed to a size that fit. Chamber of Commerce gave out dinner discounts. I matched the bottle!


The Race

Got to the start 1/2 hour before and the temperature was 64. Loved it!!! I found it amusing that the natives were wearing long sleeves and complaining how cold it was. What a difference 2549 miles makes!

First time I have ever seen 3:00 and 3:20 pacers. I am a plus three-hour finisher and we never get pacers; in fact, I didn’t even know what you do when you have a pacer. Just follow, I guessed.  I was so excited!


I started out with the 3:20 pacer, but my shins quickly went sideways. I had to stop several times the first three miles to stretch them out and lost her. But having a pacer made me feel like I was with the big boys 🙂

Since this was my 50th half marathon, I printed out a sign from the 100 Half Marathon Club and pinned it to my back. It was so nice to hear all the congratulations as people passed me. Another bonus from being part of this community.cocoa-beach-1

I didn’t identify any Half Fanatics until just before the course veered onto the beach, when a woman called out to me saying she was an HF but she had to wear pink in October. We had a nice chat, thank you, Shari Sussman!

Walking with Half Fanatic Shari Sussman

Walking with Half Fanatic Shari Sussman

Loved being on the beach for three miles. They timed it so the tide was low and we were on hard packed sand. cocoa-beach-22

By this time the sun was full up and it was hot for this Northwesterner, (the difference of 2549 miles!) so my pace had slowed a bit. But the sky was blue and I was on the beach!cocoa-beach-4

Every mile marker had a Jeannie in costume and a couple of them even had Major Nelson. Totally bought it all!cocoa-beach-13

I didn’t get to enjoy the finish line activities because I had one hour to check out of my hotel and get on the road to Orlando to catch my flight home. Lesson learned: Do not do a half marathon and then sit for five hours in a plane!

But I have my Jeannie bottle medal!!


  1. Ron Hoppe permalink

    Well written CLC

  2. Marge Bethel permalink

    Very cool Cathy looked like a fun time😊Someone suggested to me if you fly shortly after a race leave your compression sleeves on it or wear
    compression socks on the plane did you try that💕

  3. Love the pic of you with the big Jeannie bottle! Glad you could go enjoy some Florida sunshine instead of NW rain.

  4. Kris Dansereau permalink

    Loved your write-up! What a fun way to do your 50th!!KrisD~Sent from XFINITY Connect Mobile App

  5. Peter R permalink

    You do a great job.

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