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Running the Riverwalk – Alamo 13.1 Half Marathon #57, San Antonio, Texas

March 27, 2017

Summary:  Totally beautiful course through downtown San Antonio, the leafy canopy at the zoo and the Riverwalk; well organized, post-race food included Krispy Kremes; free pictures; plentiful water stops. Highly recommend.

Lifetime – 57, 2017 – 5 , States – 11, Countries – 4

I have been absent from my blog for four months; more on that in another post. This post is about the totally enjoyable Alamo 13.1 half marathon I did March 19, 2017.

My friend Candace recently moved to San Antonio and we decided to do this half marathon together – I needed Texas in my state collection and she wanted to do a half. Her first. Nothing like your first!! I also wanted to see the LBJ Library in Austin to begin my collection of visiting presidential libraries. (Our political climate made this visit poignant and uplifting and worthy of a separate post.)

Getting there

Seattle-San Antonio non-stop on Alaska Airlines – what was not to love about that?

I read good reviews on this race and we signed up in January. I knew it was the right one when the race director stepped up to make sure I received the 100 Half Marathons Club discount.

My favorite race weather is overcast and 65 degrees. Since this was Texas, I prepared for sun. Sunscreen, hat, buff, sleeve warmers (I found these great ones that are light, stay up, and are inexpensive.)

And I got to see my first rodeo!!




Candace’s husband Brian was the designated driver, parking finder, and picture taker. I reveled in that luxury; I forgot how wonderful it is to have someone drop you off at the start line!

Packet pickup was easy and in a lovely venue somewhere in San Antonio. (Brian drove so I didn’t need to know exactly where!). They gave us a very nice bag with Alamo 13.1 on it.

Race weather forecast was OVERCAST!!!! I was so excited!! Texas and sun go together for me. To have a race in Texas where the sun was not beating down on me was totally unexpected and such a bonus!!

The Race

The Alamo was lit up, as guys dressed in period costume – complete with rifles – milled with the crowd!

He just handed his rifle to me!!

The Alamo has such a deep lore attached to it, with tales from Davy Crockett, Sam Houston, John Wayne, and “Remember the Alamo.” Interesting that it is such a small building. The surroundings seem a bit meager, even imagining the vastness of the Texan landscape in 1836. Where did two thousand Mexican soldiers get ready for the final battle? Well, for sure we were certainly shorter in 1836. And the Alamo was a fine start and finish for the race!



Candace and Cathy – our one selfie before the race!

Starting at the Alamo, the course first wound through downtown San Antonio streets and showed off the period architecture of this beautiful city. They have done a remarkable job of preservation and restoration and reuse.

We went through the zoo. Didn’t see any animals but the shade was welcome.

Candace waving as we go through the zoo

Temperature was in the 70’s but still overcast. Humidity was high and I was having trouble breathing. Couldn’t get a deep breath. I drenched my pink Half Fanatics buff with water at each stop and that helped a lot. About mile 8 I started pouring water down my back. Mile 9 poured water down my front, too.

Mile 10 the sun came out …

Since blatant sun and I are not best buddies I was very glad the next two miles of the course were on the famous Riverwalk. It was pretty and shady most of the time, and on well maintained sidewalks.

The last mile was downtown and, block by block, twisted its way to the finish line at the Alamo.

Finish line


The medal depicts the Alamo and is a size that befits big Texas!

 After the race

The food consisted of a huge half baked potato with trimmings, a rice-black bean-chicken combo, two Krispy Kreme glazed donuts, chocolate milk, and bananas. Brian had made us post-race smoothies with fresh pineapple and other healthy stuff. Went well with the Krispy Kremes and chocolate milk.


Alamo 13.1 Half Marathon March 19, 2017 San Antonio, TX #57, State 11

Good race with good friends. I did tell Candace several times that not all races have water stops every mile, lots of food at the finish line, free pictures, or a gorgeous medal.


Blooms and Brews in Woodland, WA, then to Las Vegas for another run down Mt Charleston. Michigan and London both figure into my 2017 plans, and the Havana Half in Cuba in November is strongly calling to me. So we shall see!

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