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Rodeo Austin, Texas – My first rodeo!

March 27, 2017

I got to see my first rodeo!!

Visiting Texas for the Alamo 13.1 Half Marathon afforded me the opportunity to attend a rodeo in Austin with my friends – and it was a kick!

There are the cowboys, and the bronco riding, and the calf roping, and the cowboys ( I just want to emphasize the cowboys!) and all the stuff that make rodeos.

But for this first-timer, these are what stood out – and I don’t forget I am in Texas!!

The only women in the rodeo events were the young women who did barrel racing. They rode their horses so fast that their hair flared like a flag and my camera couldn’t catch them. That was my favorite event. There is a women’s professional rodeo but I don’t think young men do the barrel racing for them.

Young woman barrel racing.

Texans like their prayers. There was a prayer before the national anthem. It was not a little “Bless us, Amen” kind of prayer. It was more like “All the cowgirls and cowboys are here to ask …” and gave me enough time to look around and see everyone was deadly serious about this. It also prepared me for the prayer before the race the next day. In 56 half marathons this was a first. But I was in Texas and that is what they do and I said “Amen,” too.

Then there was the Star Spangled Banner, done with majesty and another lovely young woman carrying the flag.

Austin’s motto really is ‘Where Weird Meets Western’

Signing the national anthem after the prayer

We saw a pretty popular country singer named Randy Rogers. Considering I am not inclined toward country music, this was pretty good music and I enjoyed it.

Bling was ubiquitous as it should be at a rodeo in Texas.

Hand sanitizer in portable toilets does not seem to be needed in Texas. Neither does recycling.

This is who I enjoyed eyeing all evening as he wound his way through the stands selling cotton candy. He sold a lot of cotton candy.

Now for sure I can say “This is not my first rodeo”! Okay, bad joke, couldn’t help it 🙂

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