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Through the Tulip Fields – Blooms to Brews #58 in Woodland, WA

April 13, 2017

Summary:  Weather was that perfect northwest overcast sky. The course was along the river, through the tulip fields, and was very well supported. The medal was colorful and doubled as a bottle opener as befits a race that serves beer at the finish line. Highly recommend!

Lifetime – 58, 2017 – 6 , States – 11, Countries – 4

Half marathon course, Blooms to Brews, Woodland, WA

It was peaceful along the course.

Dena waves at the bridge.

Goats mowing the lawn.

Passed Holland America tulip fields.

This sign caught my eye. Considering the current anti-immigrant fever in this country, I thought it worth the picture.

And the medal looks like this!

Next: Revel Mt. Charleston in Las Vegas April 29. I ran this downhill course last year and loved it so much that this year I am dragging 7 girlfriends with me so they can love it, too!

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