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Running around Windsor Castle

April 24, 2017

I have known for a while that in September I was visiting Great Britain to celebrate my next birthday. And what is the first thing I look for when I travel? Guess!

I celebrated turning 60 by doing the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Lisbon, Portugal.

I still have that wonderful sash

So of course I have been searching for the right half marathon in England for this birthday!

I couldn’t believe how many events were just on the weekend I am there. This is only Great Britain, not the rest of the UK. For a country smaller than Oregon, they sure have a lot of races and running clubs.

The abundance of races made it difficult to choose. I could run through Sherwood Forest in the Robin Hood Half Marathon, or go past Winchester Cathedral in the Winchester Half Marathon.

Then there was the Surrey Hills Challenge Half Marathon. I left that site after I read the first sentence: “The Surrey Hills Half is for those that want to test their stamina and strength, but are not quite ready for the Ultra or Forty.”

Camelot Challenge in Dorset sounded cool, Camelot and all, until I read a blog by a guy who noted the steep hills along with the spectacular views. I know myself and I would not enjoy the views as much as I should after “steep hills.” Not even though the race finish is at Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking. Out.

Run Wimbledon – nope, they start at 4:00 am.

And the choices continued – Ipswich (new, exciting course), Ealing (voted the UK’s best half), Solent (scenic course), Folkestone (always the one to attend). I did make use of my Great Britain atlas!

But the winner is the Meridian Windsor Half Marathon. Who wouldn’t want to run around Windsor Castle?

Dear Cathy Christian,

Congratulations on entering the Meridian Windsor Half Marathon 2017 – Overseas Entry on 24th September 2017 at 10:00. Your entry is now approved.

Venue: Windsor Great Park, The Long Walk, Windsor SL4

Windsor Castle


The setting for the Windsor Half marathon is one of the most beautiful in the UK, the start and finish being on the Long Walk within Windsor Great Park and with Windsor Castle as the backdrop.

The course itself is all on road and quite challenging with plenty of hills spread around the route, but remember: what goes up must come down! All this coupled with beautiful scenery and traffic free roads makes for a wonderful experience.

Did you notice  “challenging with plenty of hills spread around the route”?
Me, who is doing another downhill race in Las Vegas next week, signed up for hills. Have no idea what I am thinking! But I have decided to use it as an opportunity to love hills, and my training this summer will reflect my new love (blah!)
But it is Windsor Castle, after all! I was actually there with my dad in 1977 during a four hour stopover at Heathrow on our way to India. We just got in a taxi and my dad said “take us to the nearest castle.” Windsor it was.

There are 6000 runners, so I won’t get lost. They closed registration the end of April last year because they were full, almost five months before the event. I always pick the best race, and I have no doubt this is a perfect choice.
I am so excited!! What a way to turn 65!!

Next: Revel Mt. Charleston, Las Vegas, Nevada. They bus us to the top and we run down! I loved this last year and talked seven girlfriends into doing it with me.

  1. Dave permalink

    Hey gal, you never cease to amaze me!! Sounds like you made a great choice to turn 65. Enjoy the hills in England. I’ll be thinking about you😘

  2. Peter R permalink

    Wonderful, great, fabulous.

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