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Big Picture: Weekend at Revel Mt. Charleston, Las Vegas, NV

May 5, 2017

Summary: A bunch of us have been friends for a very long time; some for decades, some less. We have traveled and done races for almost a decade and have the pictures to prove it.

Here is a review of Revel Mt. Charleston.

This weekend was special because with life changes (babies, grandbabies, retirements, CHANGES!) we have not been together for a very long time. Not only did we do the race, we saw a show, had a great dinner, and spent recovery time in the hot tub and hotel pool!

And here are the pictures to prove it!

L-R: Chris Balcom, Connie Many, Ruth Bookwalter, Jan Mayes, Cathy Christian, Shaun Linse, and Erna Abriam

There are some lovely pictures before the race, courtesy of Connie and Chris.

This was Chris Balcom’s first half marathon!

After the race: Jan Mayes, Ruth Bookwalter, Chris Balcom

After the race

Dinner at the Venetian

L-R:  Shaun Linse, Erna Abriam, Diane Hammill, Ruth Bookwalter, Jan Mayes, Cathy Christian 

Our view at breakfast

Great Job, Ladies!

The End

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