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May 5, 2017

Summary:  Simple packet pickup, lots of race day parking, ample buses and shuttles. The first 8 miles down Mt. Charleston were straight and had just enough downhill to make it really fun! Skies were blue, volunteers were abundant, water stops and potties were plentiful, and the medal is big and square. Massage at finish line. Free photos and videos. Highly recommend!

Lifetime – 59, 2017 – 7 , States – 11, Countries – 4

I was a  “Legacy Runner” because I did the inaugural race last year.

This is the fifth Revel Race I have done. Except for Revel Rockies in 2015 ( I was on the only half marathon bus that made it to the start line) they have been consistently organized with ample everything to make it worth the expense.

I loved this race so much last year that I talked six girlfriends into doing it with me this year. Here is our weekend story.

We stayed at a time share/hotel owned by one of us. Sandwiched between two towering hotels, it was a block from the strip and the perfect location to catch the freeway to the start line. 

The Expo

Not terribly large by Rock and Roll standards, but one vendor did have these great headbands. I am always looking for headbands that hug and snug my head and are pretty, and these are perfect. I ended up with three. Packet pickup was easy, picture taking was the most fun.

Getting there

Buses leave the parking lot for the start line at 4:30. Half hour to drive there from our hotel. I am driving, announce we are leaving at 4 am.

Four women, two bathrooms. (Two of us were in another room.) Up at 3:15 am. Make coffee. Mumble loudly that I am not doing this ever again. I say that every time I have to get up in the dark. Leave at 3:56 am.  

There were lots of buses, lots of people directing traffic, lots of people, period. Comfortable bus seats. It is still dark.

Lots of potties.Revel put mylar blankets and gloves in our bags that were welcome.

Sun comes up. Race starts.


Mt. Charleston race course view from Revel

I have been using the Galloway method of interval running for a while, and have seen my race times improve. But running continuously on a mild downhill with a slight tailwind was so tempting that I did so for the first 3.5 miles. It was so pretty!

Then came a water stop and when I walked through it my legs felt so rubbery that I knew I could not run all the way down without some damage. So I settled on a 1 minute run/30 second walk which was perfect. At about mile 10 the course went uphill and I walked the rest of the way to the finish.

Revel provides an instant printout of your stats, like time, placement, etc. I walked over to that table and the woman printed my stats out … then I actually got tears in my eyes. I had my second best time ever – and the best since 2010.

All of us did well with great times and even a couple of PRs and for one of us, it was her first half marathon! That is always exciting!

I already have this race on my calendar for 2018, even though I am trying to get all the states and why would I run a third one in Nevada? Because that PR was so close …!

Next: Returning to Las Vegas to see Cher and Journey. Registered for Green River Half Marathon here at home to be held on June 3.
Still want London to be my 65th on my 65th birthday, but there are more than five I want to do before then, so it may be 70 at 65!




  1. Anonymous permalink

    I’m so proud of you. Just keep moving girl. 💜😀💕💜
    See you in October!
    Do you have an itinerary yet?
    Love from MI

  2. Kris Dansereau permalink

    loved your posts! You are already signed up for next year? Are you going with the same group of ladies? I’m still wanting to do a Revel race. Which one would you recommend? Kris

    • Not signed up yet, Kris, have no idea on who else. I have done three revels and Las Vegas is my favorite.

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