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On my way to 65/65 – #61 Harstine Island Half Marathon June 10, 2017

June 14, 2017

Summary: Small race around the small island. Early start allowed. Casual atmosphere, very friendly, and brought home eggs that were so free range you could see the chickens pecking in the dirt. Highly recommend if you want small, fun, beautiful, low key, with a very nice shirt and medal.


My friend Mary Ellen has a cabin on Harstine Island, an enclave about 80 miles southeast of Seattle and 10 miles north of Olympia, the state capital.

I stayed overnight with Faith who was doing the race, and the next morning met up with Dena, with whom I have done quite a few races.


Starting the race with Faith, it felt like o’dark thirty, although it wasn’t!

We did the early start, since it was Faith’s first half in a while and Dena’s knee is still under rehab rules, but mostly because I like to get done early! Glorious day with blue skies and lots of trees.

One unexpected consequence of staying with Mary Ellen was her delightful support on the race course. She drove her little Mini and stopped every mile or so, greeting us with waving bubbles in the air,

20170610_092754writing chalk messages on the road,


medical care, and, of course, water and food. It was truly lovely to see her around almost every bend. We wanted for nothing!

20170610_093324We passed by the Harstine Island Farmer’s Market.

20170610_091355entered Jarrell State Park,

20170610_090551and found restrooms there. It was peaceful.

Island Belle Grapes on Harstine IslandWe looked for a place to buy the local wine.

20170610_114145_001Saw a meadow of blooming foxgloves.

20170610_115519We waved at this guy as we crossed the Harstine Island Bridge on the way to the finish line.


Faith and I enjoyed food after the race. Nice backdrop!

Next: In my quest to do my 65th half marathon on my 65th birthday,  I finally whittled my choices (and there were lots!) to these three:

#62: July 23 West Seattle Beach Run – one of my favorite courses as it winds along the West Seattle waterfront. Picture from last year.

#63 August 5 Orting Summerfest – the Orting, WA trail is one of my favorite courses, too. This was Orting in March 2017 with Marge Bethel.

#64 – September 3 Sporty Divas Bad Azz Back to Back  – Rose Coates runs events over Labor Day weekend on the Western Chehalis trail in Lacey, WA. Rose puts on several great events during the year and they are always so much fun. If you have never done her “Shake that Booty” you are missing something!

That makes #65 the Windsor Half Marathon in London, England on September 24. Yes, that is a week before my 65th birthday but I am counting it anyway!

Wait until I bring home this medal!


Oh, and you didn’t miss #60. I did the Green River Half Marathon on June 3 (with Dena) and it was so low key I didn’t take any pictures. But it was good. This is the picture from
February 2017.More to come!

  1. Beautiful write up! So glad I was able to walk with you.

  2. Cindy Suniga permalink

    Enjoyed reading Robert is a runner
    He has yet to do any marathons
    I think he knows he would get hooked
    Pretty quick

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