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West Seattle Beach Run the Best

August 3, 2017

Summary: West Seattle Beach Run (formerly the West Seattle Flat Ass) has the best course, the best food, and the best people (RD Mike Mahaney) running it. My favorite race of all that I do.

Half Marathon #63 – This is year nine of this fun, fast and low key race of 25K, 50K, half and full marathon distances. Starting at Lincoln Park in West Seattle, the course is along the waterfront, winds through homes on the waterfront, and bursts out onto Alki Blvd, with waterfront on one side, and businesses and homes (mostly high rise condos) on the other.

Turn around is at Salty’s Restaurant, and you go back to the start line. If you are doing any race other than the half marathon, you do the course again!  Twice for the marathon and more for the 25k and 50k crazy people. There is food on the picnic tables at the finish line. Lots of it.

Looking downtown Seattle from Alki, West Seattle

The day was colored with that perfect Seattle blue. My friend Mary Ellen, who lives in a waterfront Alki  condo, met me with water and a lovely message. How cool to have your own cheering squad!

Another tradition is the Hammond Family food station on the beach close to the turnaround. These lovely people have no idea how much their sustenance is needed, and they also take great pictures of the racers and other sights on the beach, like these guys. I saw them go by and felt safe! I think they were practicing. And look at the view!

The medal is a nice addition to my collection, too.
Mike Mahaney holds this race twice each year – on Super Bowl Day and summertime in July. Even when I move to Tucson I will make an effort to fly up to do this race. It exemplifies all I love about the running community in the Northwest  – friends, food, low key, low cost, stunning course … no matter where I am this race is the Northwest to me.

Next: I changed it up and did Olympia Lakefair as #62. I was not very happy with that race. I did talk with the RD who told me things would be better next year. 

Orting Summerfest on Aug 5 is #64. I love this course on the Foothills Trail, and it is so low key you can bring strollers and your dog!

Then I will have a break while I travel to Croatia and then London, where I will be doing #65 Run Windsor as I turn 65! This is extra cool. 

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  1. Anonymous permalink

    love your details on your races. Hope to do this Alki one with you next year. Already put it on my calendar!

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