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Why is packing so hard?

September 10, 2017

Today I leave for my next adventure. In the next  four weeks I will add a new country to my half marathon list (the UK), and a new state (Michigan). I will sail along the Elaphiti Islands archipelago in Croatia and visit two more Presidential Libraries; Gerald Ford in Michigan and Rutherford B. Hayes in Ohio. Oh, and a soft spot will be visiting the Motown Museum in Detroit.

Best part will be visiting my five cousins in Frankenmuth, MI, where the Bruckelaufe race course is over covered bridges.

Sounds great to me. I planned it all! I have traveled overseas several times and I did not think packing for three different environments with only a carry on would present much of a challenge.

I was so wrong.

Thank goodness for Amazon. I ordered power bricks, diaper bags, swim shoes, and seven bathing suits (I love Amazon’s return policy!). I read that diaper bags were a perfect carry on, and indeed I got the right one, I think.

I ordered mini exercise bands so I can exercise on the 10 hour flight to London (that is my plan, anyway. I also have a sleeping pill). I ordered my favorite power bars (cheaper than the store) and sunscreen made solely of zinc oxide

I ordered new mini binoculars, because in all my moving boxes I cannot find the ones I already have. I even ordered a new sunhat. Has the greatest name. Sunday Afternoons Adult Adventure Hat.

The race part was easy. I just packed my usual race pants, decided to wear the same shirt I wore when I did the Lisbon, Portugal race in 2012, (yes, I still have it, along with a zillion other race shirts I absolutely have to donate).

My friend Ruth made me the sash for Lisbon, and she made me another sash to wear for the race in Windsor. It is pink, too, and I am so excited to wear it! Celebrating 65!  It is packed, no picture now.

I found a new bottle holder that my friend Marge had, tested new shoes, and zipped it all up. Same with swimming – goggles, cap, suit (just one!), swim shoes. Zipped and done.

The weather is going to be in the 70’s in Dubrovnik, but I will be on the water for five days. That means cooler at night. The weather in London and surrounds could be anywhere from 50-65 with sometimes rain. Kind of like Seattle was before this summer!

And then there is Michigan – forecast to be in the 60’s with sometimes showers, sometimes sunny. Again, kind of like Seattle, it sounds like.

How much heavy stuff do I take? Writing this I decided to throw in my light Lululemon windbreaker … just in case it rains during either race!

So I am not taking any heavy stuff. I don’t wear coats here in Seattle and they take up too much room to pack. I always seems to take too much so am deliberately trying to cut down by making sure it all goes in one case – and in my new diaper bag!

BUT, then there is all the electronic stuff. Making sure my itinerary is backed up on a cloud, and then making paper copies just in case there is no wi-fi. How many books can my tablet hold? I have my passport, do not need my driver’s license. Oh, wait, I am renting a car in Michigan, need that license! I was so close to forgetting that piece.

More soon!

  1. Cathy. It’s good to see you adventuring along. Your life becomes so enriched with being “uncomfortable”. See you later. Maybe Colombia will attract you one day. 🙂

    • Danny, I would dearly love to come there. Your posts make the place seem so delightful. And I so agree with the uncomfortable part. Find me a half marathon in your area and I will be there!

  2. Dave permalink

    Sent you message Sunday morning, wishing you the best in London. See you when you get back from your continued adventure.

  3. Sue Hoppe permalink

    Have a blast! And Happy Birthday a little early

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