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Half Marathons 2015

20141207_103726These are the Half Marathons (and other things!) I will be running in 2015.

February 15 Lost Dutchman, Apache, AZ (registered deferred to 2016)

March 14 St Paddy’s Day Run, Tacoma (thought I was registered, then found out I wasn’t when I went to pick up my bib!)

April 11 Lake Lowell, Nampa ID (registered) Did not do this one because of conflicts)

April 19 Seahawks Landing 5k (Completed)

April 25 Orchards in Bloom, Omak, WA (Completed)

May 3 Tacoma City Marathon (Completed)

June 28 Bellevue Ghost Half, Bellevue WA (Completed)

July 19 Revel Rockies, Denver CO (Completed)

September 13 Big Cottonwood, Utah  (Completed)

November 22 Route 66, Tulsa OK (Completed)

December 27  Sporty Divas Greenlake (Registered)

January 1  Seattle Locks Fat Ass Woodlake Park (Registered)

February 14 Lost Dutchman, Apache, AZ (Registered)

May 1 Tacoma City Marathon (Registered)

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